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ClimaOrb 9×14 Tunnel Greenhouse Kit with 6-mm Polycarbonate

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8’11” x 14’4” x 7’11” tunnel ClimaOrb Greenhouse

ClimaOrb 9×14 is strong and effective tunnel greenhouse for your garden needs. It has arched style design for better strength with minimum weight. Therefore, ClimaOrb greenhouse has the best properties for its price.

  • СlimaOrb 9’x14′ Greenhouse exact dimensions
    • Outside: 8’ 11 3/16” (2722 mm) x 14′ 4 7/16″ (4380 mm) x 7’ 11” (2412 mm)
    • Inside: 8’ 8 7/8” (2664 mm) x 14′ 2 3/16″ (4322 mm) x 7’ 10” (2387 mm)

    Total 128 sq. ft.

  • Extremely heavy duty construction: thick aluminum profiles & 6 MM polycarbonate panels.
  • Hinged doors with a key lock.
  • Assembly requirements: 1-3 people, 1-2 days (involving more people make it easier and reduce assembly time).
  • The durable roof can hold over 15″ of snow (it is recommended to remove snow loads over 12″).
  • Warranty: 10 years.

Strong and Durable Small Tunnel Greenhouse

Heavy-duty durable aluminum tunnel greenhouse frames can withstand significant loads, protecting plants from strong winds, rain and snow. Rust resistant aluminum frame and base are light-weight and very strong.

During the erection process, aluminum frames are filled with high quality 6-mm twinwall polycarbonate with UV protection and high transparency. Your plants will receive plenty of light and at the same time remain protected from the dangerous radiation and ultraviolet from the Sun. Life of the UV protected polycarbonate coating is much longer than non-coated options. 6-mm polycarbonate is virtually unbreakable material which is known for its high resistance to shattering and impact. The strong frame can easily hold over a foot of snow.
Your plants will be safe inside the  ClimaOrb tunnel Greenhouse Kit.

Create optimal conditions for the growth of your plants!

Optional add on accessories are highly recommended for successful plant growth. Some come included with the Upgraded and the Complete greenhouse package options, but can also be custom picked and added to any existing greenhouse. Those are Automatic Heat Powered Window Openers, Back wall Louvers, Solar Power Thermostatic Fans, 2-tier Shelving, and Storm Kit. These accessories help support overall functionality and automation of your greenhouse as well as maximize the use of available greenhouse space.

 6 MM UV Coated twin walls
 Heavy Duty Aluminum Framing
 Aluminum Base 
 Roof Windows
 Manual Window Openers 
 Automatic Window Openers 
 Solar Powered Thermostatic Fans
 Full Size 2-Tier Aluminum Shelving
(top & bottom shelves, for one side only)

Extension Kit

The construction is designed to easily increase the length of the frame. The length of any ClimaOrb Greenhouse Kit can be increased by the Extension module – 7′ Extension – at any time.

Automated Climate Control

We designed tunnel ClimaOrb Greenhouse and its optional accessories to simplify plant caring and overall gardeners experience as much as possible. Simply having automatic window openers, solar powered fans, and back-wall louvers can helps maintain good air circulation during hot summer days and lower risks of greenhouse overhearing and having excess levels of moisture. All of the available accessories can be added to an existing ClimaOrb or ClimaPod greenhouse, as well as any other greenhouse brands.

ClimaOrb 9×14 Tunnel Greenhouse is made of rust-resistant aluminum frames and polycarbonate with UV protection.

  • Excellent durability;
  • Sophisticated structure with all the required options for plants health;
  • The optimal location of doors, windows, shelves, fans and louvers;
  • The width and height are optimal to ensure the convenience of placing beds and additional shelves to maximize the use space;
  • The dimensions of the greenhouse are suitable for growing almost any garden crop or flowers;
  • The proportions of the greenhouse provide the gardener with comfortable work inside the greenhouse and provide plenty of space to fit a variety of plants;

Tunnel Greenhouse of Universal Use

The shape and dimensions of the ClimaOrb 9×14 tunnel greenhouse allows you to use it for various purposes. You can grow almost any kind of plants, vegetables, herbs or seedlings in the greenhouse.

With minimal heat, you could potentially use it as a conservatory for growing flowers and plants year-round. Greenhouse can as well be used as a sunroom, winter garden, relaxation room, a playroom for children and many other purposes.

Package Options

Starter, Upgraded, Complete

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  1. Jennifer A.

    Thrilled with my greenhouse! Perfect size and the polycarbonate panels provide excellent insulation. My little sanctuary.

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