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Why should you have a greenhouse in your garden?

More and more people are starting to grow not only flowers, but also vegetables and fruits in their gardens. Solutions that make gardening easier and allow you to get a good harvest are gaining popularity. One of them, which has additional aesthetic value, is a garden greenhouse. Let’s find out who and why it might […]

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Top 5 plants to grow in a polycarbonate tunnel greenhouse

ClimaOrb Arched polycarbonate tunnel greenhouses are an excellent choice for growing plants at any time of the year. They are highly durable, weather resistant and heat retaining. In this article we will look at the Top 5 plants to grow in a polycarbonate tunnel greenhouse. Vegetables for growing in an arched greenhouses Tomatoes Tomatoes are […]

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Greenhouse Ventilation: Top Methods

Novice gardeners believe that an installed polycarbonate greenhouse is already a guarantee of a high yield. However, this is only a structure, and for proper development, plants need a favorable microclimate inside. Ventilation in the greenhouse, provided by manual and automatic mechanisms, helps to create and maintain it.

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Types of greenhouses

What do you think a greenhouse looks like? A wooden “house” covered with a transparent film? A tall building with a rounded roof? Or a small greenhouse made up of old window frames? In fact, all these are types of greenhouses. They extend the harvest season, increase the overall productivity of the site, but at […]

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