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The benefits of arched greenhouse

To obtain an early harvest, year-round cultivation of vegetables and flowers, greenhouse constructions are used. Manufacturers offer models of various shapes and sizes. To grow plants on an industrial scale, it is necessary to install additional equipment: lighting, ventilation, irrigation systems and trays for hydroponics. But first, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the […]

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How to set up automatic window opener in a greenhouse

Greenhouses were invented in order to create the necessary microclimate for growing plants, regardless of the weather outdoor. This microclimate includes an appropriate temperature and humidity regime that is optimal for specific crops. Temperature control is carried out by heating and ventilation, so in greenhouses there are always opening vents. But the owner cannot open […]

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The advantages of arched greenhouses

Arched greenhouse is one of the most popular types of greenhouses. They are multifunctional. Arch shaped greenhouses are suitable for all types of garden work: in it you can grow seedlings, cultivate heat-loving plants, get early and off-season vegetable crops, and grow flowers.

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